What Are USDT Fees Now?

USDT Fees across ETH, BSC, Tron & Polygon

Everyone knows ERC20 transfers are expensive, but how exactly expensive, and what is the best alternative? This page was built so I don't need to jump over Metamask Networks to estimate gas fees in different networks for a simple USDT transfer.


the cost of transfer is:

1.144 USD


the cost of transfer is:

0.053 USD

USDT Polygon Polygon

the cost of transfer is:

0.003 USD

USDT Tron Tron

the cost of transfer is:

0.315 USD

The values are just raw estimates!

The current method of gas fees calculation is eth_estimateGas() RPC call for USDT contract transfer method for EVM-compatible networks (ETH, BSC, Polygon) and simple constant multiplication for Tron blockchain (which does not have eth_estimateGas() implementation yet). In fact, gas fees are more complicated than that, and may depend on particular wallet state, for example in Tron blockchain gas fees are zero if you have enough "energy".

What about BUSD and USDC?

Other stablecoins gas fees are very similar across the same blockchains, so you can safely assume that BUSD(BEP20) transfer on BSC blockchain will cost the same as USDT(BEP20) transfer on the same BSC blockchain.

Quick observations

As of Aug 2022, all blockchains except native ETH (Ethereum) are pretty stable in terms of fees during the day. But Ethereum USDT transfer gas fee is very volatile: it fluctuates from 0.5 USD to 7 USD! And Polygon is the cheapest network to transfer USDT.

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The data is retrieved from blockchains every 10 minutes. Rates were updated at: 2023-01-29T22:30:03.772Z .